Frequently Asked

FAQ - The Orthodontic Assessment

Your Initial Consultation

What happens during your first visit to Art Align?

You are welcome to a complimentary comprehensive assessment with the Specialist Orthodontist to help you to make an informed decision on the treatment path you would like to take.

Once you choose to proceed with this extensive consultation with Dr Hanna Reinartz, a treatment plan tailor made to you can be prescribed. This is an opportunity for Hanna to examine your teeth and to understand your needs in order to make treatment recommendations suitable for your lifestyle. Her recommendations will always include full and transparent details of fees and projected time-scales for your orthodontic work.


How can you book your free consultation?

To arrange your first meeting with Hanna simply call or email Art Align:

Telephone appointment scheduling: +44 207 487 1399

Email appointment scheduling:


How much is the deductible deposit for a complimentary comprehensive orthodontic assessment with Dr Hanna Reinartz?

There is a holding fee of £100 for your first meeting with Hanna. This deposit will be deducted towards your orthodontic treatment or refunded if you wish to commence at a later date. Based on the findings of your assessment, Hanna will be able to provide you with her treatment recommendations and a full breakdown of the costs involved to carry out any future orthodontic work that you may decide upon together. The deposit may be paid by cash, credit or debit card over the phone.


Cancellation Policy / Change of Appointment / Lateness

Art Align has a 48-hour cancellation policy in place for appointments. Clients who do not attend appointments or whom cancel without giving due notice will forfeit their appointment deposits.

FAQ - Your Treatment Experience at Art Alignment

Treatments, Fees and Time-Scales

What orthodontic treatments are available at Art Align?

As a Discreet Orthodontics Specialist, Hanna works with only the latest orthodontic technologies that are barely visible during the treatment process. A full range of barely visible treatments are available Art Align (See our Treatment Summaries CLICK HERE).


How much does treatment at Art Align cost?

The cost of orthodontic work at Art Align varies between patients depending on the complexity of the case and the type of orthodontic technology that is used. When you meet Hanna for an orthodontic consultation your teeth will be examined in order to provide a fully transparent breakdown of the costs involved for your recommended treatment option.

Early preventative appliances child from £500

Contemporary silver braces teen from £1500

Effective clear ceramic braces from £2000

Invisalign removable aligners from £2500

Lingual hidden braces from £3000

The fees may be paid by cash, direct debit instalments, credit or debit card.

We accept AMEX.

Art Align offers 6-12 months 0% finance and flexible payment plans up to 36 months.


How long does treatment take?

Treatment length varies depending on the orthodontic technology that is used and also upon the complexity of the case. While some patients complete their treatment with Hanna in just 3 months, it may take 18 months to achieve perfection in more complex cases. In general, good compliance and care for your braces will ensure the fastest possible results.

Regardless of your timeline, whether it is for your wedding, job interview or graduation, we can help you achieve an unforgettable smile.

Who will carry out my treatment at Art Align?

Orthodontic Team

Dr Hanna Reinartz will welcome you at Art Align Orthodontics for the comprehensive consultation to prescribe your treatment. After this consultation, you will see exclusively Hanna and her assistants for your treatment with us.

We believe in personalized care.